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Meet John

For 30+ years, founder John Wardell has promoted a lifestyle that goes beyond weight training routines or nutrition programs. His stellar team of trainers sees life-changing results daily.


We deliver a fitness experience that is second to none, through either our Evolution Nutrition Program or 30-minute ultra-efficient training sessions.


Career & Accolades

John competed on a National and International level and set 26 world records in powerlifting and won numerous World and National titles.


At 35, John became the second person in the world to officially squat over 900lbs and bench press over 700lbs at a bodyweight under 230lbs in National and International competition. In 1995, he was one of the first pioneers in the Conjugate Method, better known as the Westside Principles; and has been educating athletes and coaches ever since.

John graduated from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Chicago in 1991 under founder Dr. Bob Goldman.


"The central focus is always helping people achieve their fitness goals. I founded Body Chemistry over 35 years ago and it has grown into a full service facility occupying over 16,000 square feet. We train high school athletes, high profile executives, seniors, actors, fitness models, professional athletes and dedicated stay-at-home parents."


Accomplishments Include:

  • 1st Place, Iron Man Bodybuilding & Powerlifting in San Francisco, CA

  • 1st Place, Mr. Continental USA in Detroit MI. Heavyweight

  • John was the second person in the history of the sport under 230lbs to officially squat 900lbs and bench press 700lbs in International competition

  • Best Lifts, 900lbs squat at 220 bodyweight

  • 854lb squat at 198lbs bodyweight - Ranked 5th all-time highest squat by bodyweight

  • AAU New Jersey State Bench - 180lbs at 114lbs bodyweight, age 11
  • Won 1st Powerlifting Competition in 1980 at age 12

  • Ranked in Top 3 in the American PowerLifting Federation Nationals from 1995-2000

  • WPC World Champion Powerlifting; Best Lifter Award at 242 (226.5 bodyweight) with a men’s world record bench at 705 lbs in Calgary, Canada

  • Winner WPO Bench Bash for Cash, Orlando, FL

  • 2nd Place World Champion Powerlifting, Helsinki Finland

  • IPA National Champion Powerlifting and Best Lifter

  • Featured on CBS “Undercover Boss” 2013

  • Finalist Arnold Classic, just missing 740 World Record Bench Press

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